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Ditte arrived in Costa Rica

Finally – with quite a few hours delay, Ditte landed in the airport in San José. The suitcase did not arrive yet. She was taken to Jorge's and Maris Stella's house. At 6.30 (danish time). I received a text message from Ditte: "I am going to bed now. Have a nice day".

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Ditte in Miami

Texted a little with Ditte this morning. She hoped that I could help her find out, where to go in Miami. I did find out, but after the plane took off, so I hope she got all the information I texted her, when she landed.

AB7000 landed 13.25 local time in Miami today. It's easy to follow on www.flightstats.com Now she needs to pass through to the plane to San José, Costa Rica.

No news from her yet, so we expect that everything is OK

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Ditte starting the trip to Costa Rica

Here is the young lady, now on her way to Costa Rica.

At 5 pm we left to go to Billund Airport. We had a pretty busy day, trying to get the weight of the suitcase below 20 kg and filling out the final papers and printing overviews of the airports.

Ditte checked in. It looks like the suitcase will go all the way to Costa Rica.

Today the trip will go from Billund to Copenhagen, and from Copenhagen to Düsseldorph. After a good nights sleep at the hotel at the airport in Düsseldorph, Ditte will fly to Miami and from Miami to San José.

It is sad to see our daughter leave, but she is looking into a great adventure in Costa Rica. Best wishes from your mom and dad, Ditte.

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